A Guide to Mobile Welfare Units

A mobile welfare unit is a towable portable modular building which are mainly used for building sites and other industrial workplaces. The convenience of a mobile welfare unit is that its ease of transport means you can move your unit to the exact spot of your site that is necessary for your workload at a moment’s notice. This means that welfare units are particularly popular in workplaces where the site is constantly moving such as roadworks. The versatility of the mobile welfare unit means that it can be used for a range of functions whether that’s for the purpose of tea and coffee, toileting or dining facilities the welfare unit can be adapted to meet your workforce’s needs. Mobile welfare units are purpose built for remote locations and sites without electricity or water connections, which makes them particularly useful within the rural industries.


Complying With Legislation

The mobile welfare unit is simple and convenient way for industrial workplaces to comply with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. This law states that contractors have responsibilities to provide welfare facilities on construction products. Projects that last longer than 30 days or 500 person days, must provide welfare facilities these facilities must be maintained throughout the project.

 The facilities that sites are required to provide depend on the size, location and type of project but must include:

·         Toileting and washing facilities;

·         Drinking water and a place for preparing and consuming refreshments;

·         Changing rooms, lockers and somewhere for storing and drying clothing and personal protective equipment.

The regulations state that these welfare facilities can be provided by a central location provided that it is within reasonable distance, however if your worksite is not in a position to have static welfare facilities then a mobile welfare unit is perfect for meeting the needs of your workforce and will enable you to comply with industrial workplace legislation.


Which Welfare Unit Should I Buy?

Before you start looking at purchasing a welfare unit you will need to consider what specifically you are going to need from a welfare unit. Firstly consider the nature of your work. Are your employees working in particularly hazardous conditions? Is the work site particularly large? Will you need several welfare units of various capabilities?  Deciding on the type of welfare unit you require can be difficult and will be dependent on your worksite and the needs of your project. Check out our mobile welfare unit page, or contact us by phone on 07709490647 or email on info@astleycabins.co.uk for more information.

Robert Bailey