Mobile Welfare Units

13ft Kabco Mobile Welfare Units

These units consist of:

  • air suspension which allows the unit to be towed and lowered to the ground easily and quickly

  • canteen with table/seating for 6 people

  • easy clean services throughout

  • notice board

  • kettle

  • integrated microwave

  • PIR lighting reducing

  • cloakroom

  • drying room

  • chemical recirculating toilet

  • hot handwash

  • 6kVA generator

The generator can be set to 'Auto' so that the unit is powered by batteries and the generator kicks in to recharge the batteries.  This significantly reduces running costs and maintains the life of the generator.   

£7,950 plus VAT





12ft Groundhog Mobile Welfare Unit 

This unit consists of:

  • table and seating for 6 persons

  • microwave

  • kettle

  • sink with water heater

  • fluorescent lighting

  • electric wall heater

  • chemical recirculating toilet

  • dry room with tubular heater and coat hooks

  • 6kVA generator

Hydraulics, generator and running gear are in full working order. 

£7,100 plus VAT