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Portacabins For Sale

Astley Cabins has a wide range of used and refurbished portacabins for sale. In this blog post we’re going to briefly go through the main types of portacabins we stock and offer at Astley Cabins, who should purchase them along with the benefits of each cabin.

Anti-Vandal Portable Offices
An anti-vandal portable office is predominately designed for unsecured sites and premises. An anti-vandal office can be used for a variety range of purposes such as a gatehouse for security staff onsite, or for the purpose of general office accommodation for onsite staff.

Anti-Vandal Portable Canteens
Anti-Vandal Portable Canteens are provided with both hot and cold running water, a kitchen sink and worktop station in order to manage all basic work break needs.
Anti-vandal canteens are fitted with heating, lighting, electric power sockets and vinyl floor covering.

Towable Mobile Welfare Units
Towable Mobile Welfare Units are ideal for industrial workplaces to meet their employee’s welfare needs. Their ease of transport and portability means that you can move them to the necessary area of your site at a moment’s notice. The mobile welfare units come complete with toilets and dining facilities preventing accessibility of workplace welfare needs from ever becoming a problem.

Portable Toilet Blocks
Anti-Vandal Portable Toilet Blocks are fully plumbed and wired to the same standard of permanent building. Portable toilet blocks are great for workplaces on construction sites and all other industrial workplaces offering your employees a warm and clean space that portaloos do not offer.
The gent’s side has two cubicles, two basins, two urinals, electric hand dryer, lighting, mirrors and soap dispensers. The female side has a single toilet, one basin, electric hand dryer, mirrors, soap dispenser and a hand dryer.
Available in both blue and green colours the external appearance of the toilet block focuses on smart uniform appearance.

Portable Shower Blocks
Anti-vandal Portable Shower Blocks, come fully refurbished with three showers on each side. All of our showers come fitted with new mixers, and the water is head by a large immersion heater.
These shower blocks are ideal for any industrial workplaces where washing during or at the end of the day is necessary as a result of the nature of the work. Or where staying on-site overnight for an extended period is a regular occurrence due to the location or nature of the workplace.


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